OTI launches real estate investment programme for GCC investors

Publish October 20, 2022
real estate

OTI real-estate, a company of Hebashi Holding Group, has announced the launch of its new venture, 'Virtu' that enables investors from around the world to buy real estate in the operating countries such as Georgia, Egypt, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Turkey in addition to the UAE.

It has been set up in collaboration with a number of strategic partners including Georgian group Fadox and Oman-based Gulf Real Estate Company.

A partnership deal will soon be inked between Virtu and the Gulf Real Estate making it as the exclusive and sole agent to the platform in the region.

Through this partnership, GCC-based investors will be able to purchase the shares offered by the platform easily. Gulf Real Estate Company is a large company with a huge existence in the GCC Real-estate Market, and it’s headquartered in Oman.

Touted as a 'game-changer' project,Virtu will enable investors from around the world to buy real estate in the operating countries - Georgia, Egypt, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Turkey - in addition to the UAE - through full, partial or joint ownership supported by the concerned authorities and stock market exchange.

Announcing this at a press conference yesterday (October 18) in Dubai, Ahmad Shehata, a board member of Hebashi Holding Group, said: 'Virtu is a ground-breaking investment idea in the real-estate sector. It provides real-estate investors with an opportunity to browse the project files available on the platform, allowing them to know all the details and potential returns that investors will earn through these properties.'

Through this new venture, OTT is opening 'a door of investment' for individuals keen on buying properties overseas, where they get to decide the amount they would like to invest in each project, after reviewing all the terms of the contract online and paying the dues also through the platform’s bank account link.

The company announced the launch of the programme for investors starting with documented ownership and an investment sum as low as $8000.

This enables 'Virtu' to allow investors to take profits and realize their net rental income for their sold units, he stated.

Shehata said: 'To make the real-estate investment experience faster and easier, effort and time have been devoted to developing an operational model that allows doubling the returns for investors, and we are fully aware of all the different factors that help in maximizing the returns of the investors, and from here we work to focus on these factors, the most important of which are the acquisition and management of the property.'

'The total value of this project is about $200 million, and $23 million has been put up so far in 122 projects,' he added.

Dr Sahar Al Madani, the executive director of the Gulf Real Estate Group, expressed her happiness with this cooperation along with a number of major real-estate companies in the region, especially since Al Hebashi Group owns more than 23 companies around the world.

Virtu is one of the best real estate projects for future investments in terms of buying shares and diversification of investment, she stated.

Fadox CEO Magdy Setih said Virtu provides the advantages of partial ownership in the project - mainly targeted at small investors with limited capital and offer them an opportunity to delve into the experience of investing in and owning luxury real estate.

'Also it is seen as a low-risk investment, especially in times of crisis, as all information on management and maintenance costs, leasing procedures and investing value are clarified before purchase,' explained Setih.

'In addition to this, partial ownership makes it easier for the investor to diversify his investment portfolio, so that he can buy shares in more than one property, instead of owning one property completely,' he added.

On the future of real estate investment, Hussein Al Taker, the founder of Virtu in UAE, said: 'Withing a few minutes, you can create an account and choose the contents of your portfolio with appropriate strategy for you. You can also pay the price of the shares you want to buy online, by linking your bank account to the platform, then you can watch your money grow via the platform application available on your mobile phone.'

'Here you can find a wide range of investment opportunities tailored to your chosen strategy, after you place your first investment. We will continue to work hard to achieve your expected profit, in addition to work on maximizing the value of the properties in the future, this means that your capital will increase year after year,' he added.


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